CX Files is an independent journal focused on the emerging technologies and trends influencing Customer Experience (CX). It is edited by Mark Hillary, a British writer based in São Paulo, Brazil and features expert analysts and contributors from across the world.

CX Files aims to be an independent source of thought leadership with a focus on customer experience across all industries.

Mark Hillary


Mark is a British writer based in São Paulo. He is a former tech executive turned communication adviser via his experience writing books and blogs on technology, work, and globalization. He continues to write books, contribute to media debate, advise corporate leaders, and ghost-writes content for several leading global CEOs

Mark has experience in various areas of business all over the world.

Speaking; Mark has lectured or chaired major events on five continents
Teaching; Mark has extensive experience teaching MBA students and lecturing students from school to masters level on business
Advice; has advised companies on technology strategy on five continents
Books; has published 15 books focused on the development of technology and employment
Journalism; has been published by the BBC, Observer, FT, Computer Weekly, Guardian, HuffPo
Analysis; has worked as a UN adviser in Nigeria and Bangladesh and been asked to analyze government or trade body policy in several countries including India, UK, South Africa.
Ghost-writing; has worked with ambassadors, astronauts, and CEOs across the world to help them improve speeches and has an ongoing relationship with several CEOs for blogs and social media advice

  • Nominated as UK business blogger of the year 2009, 2011
  • Official London 2012 Olympic blogger
  • UK Govt Dept of Education blogging mentor 2009-2010
  • Soft diplomacy committee member for UK embassy in Brazil
  • Engage Customer Awards Judge 2016-2017
  • Founding Member of the Games Europe CX Guild
  • Director of the UK National Outsourcing Association 2005-2010

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